How it Works

Physicians enrolled in Med identify the patients within their practice who qualify for the service based on defined criteria. Office staff collects and delivers specific information about the patient in electronic form to RX Management (RXM). Offices that have a meaningful use Certified EMR can export a CCD to RxM. Shortly after submission, the physician receives a succinct but complete Med report for the patient. This report provides the basis for a reimbursed clinical medication management consultation.

Med reports are produced by expert produced algorithms with RXM who have access to the latest drug and clinical information typically not available to many physicians. RXM works specifically with Clinical Pharmacologists MDs because of the program’s emphasis on evaluating physiologic and pathiophysiologic parameters through laboratory assays. Med reports offer sound advice on optimal drug therapy and drug therapy monitoring. They are designed to augment the physician’s professional judgment and first hand knowledge of the patient.

RXM has designed Med as a turnkey service. RXM provides the physician’s office staff with standardized methods of data collection and educates office staff on documenting for medication management visits. RxM’s Med Intake™ software makes it easy for the physician’s staff to collect the required patient data. RxM’s Med Stand Alone software increases the productivity of the Physican or HMO reviewer without compromising the quality of their work. RXM has assembled all of the elements needed to deliver clinical medication management efficiently and cost effectively


The Med process involves the following steps:

  1. The physician identifies patients who qualify for the service based on specific criteria.

  2. The physician's office staff electronically export medical data contained in the patient's files.

  3. .At RXM, an automated med-med interaction analysis is performed on the patient's medication list. Expert Proprietary Algorithms are then run on the patient information.

  4. RXM produces the final Med report is made electronically available to the physician.

  5. The physician reviews the report and determines the patient's best course of drug therapy and attaches the report to the patient record

  6. The physician consults with the patient, providing instructions and options that should result in the best outcome. This takes place in a billable office visit. Instructions may include additional lab tests needed prior to a follow-up Med visit.

  7. The physician orders a new Med report once the recommended lab values become available, or at a later time based on his own judgment.

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