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Med is a medication management review service that provides physicians with succinct reports for their patients on polypharmacy or high-risk medications. Med reports help physicians identify preventable prescribing problems such adverse reactions, toxicity, contraindications, and drug interactions, as well as improve patient compliance.


The Med services can help physicians improve patient outcomes by:

  • Eliminating prescription drugs that are no longer needed.
  • Reducing the total number of pills a patient is taking each day in order to improve compliance.
  • Decreasing the dose of the drugs the patient is taking, thereby minimizing side effects.
  • Combining two or more drugs into a single, more versatile drug in order to simplify the drug regimen.
  • Replacing suboptimal medications with safer and more effective medications.
  • Monitoring the patient's compliance and their response to medications to avoid adverse drug reactions.
  • Suggest proper drug choice and adjust the dosage by interpreting CYP450 DNA test results


Med reports are sent directly to the referring physician via . They are designed to augment the physician's professional judgment and first-hand knowledge of their patient and provide the basis for a reimbursable medication management consultation with the patient.


 is an application service provider (ASP) package featuring on-line non-downloadable modern web technology software for use in bookmarking, annotating, generating, analyzing, managing, storing and sharing of patients' complete medical information records between primary care physicians, medical specialists, laboratories, e-prescribing systems, pharmacies, ambulatory services, medical administrative and financial services, medical and health insurance providers and medical research organizations in geographically distinct offices.

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