The value to hospital's of Rx Management's Med  software was quickly recognized and through one of Rx Management's partners we are able to interrogate over 70% of the nations pharmacies to ascertain a patients purchased prescription history.

·        ED physicians are currently relying on medication lists, with a mean accuracy rate of 42.6%.

·        CDC tells us that the average time to ascertain a patient’s drug regime is ~25 minutes, to date no buy generic viagra pharmacy buy amoxicillin medication buy phentermine MedER has taken longer than 5 minutes. NOTE: OTC drugs still need to be determined

·       There are approximately 380,000 to 450,000 medication errors per year. 

·       25% of patients Re-admitted are due to Drug misuse. Re-admittance for drug interactions is a substantial monthly cost to Hospitals; it might not be the same interaction!

Once greater connectivity between hospitals and Primary Care Physicians is enacted, Rx Management anticipates expanding MedER to incorporate patient's life style information and laboratory results as it does with Med Services.

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