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Rx Management medication management software is designed to meet the needs of two medical environments.

  1. Rx Management provides physicians with web based medication management reports. These reports are geared toward patients who take multiple medications daily. The software service analyzes a patient’s drug regimen and laboratory tests, such as blood work, DNA and EKGs, to help physicians determine whether a patient’s prescriptions requires modification. The reports determine whether adverse drug reactions, contra-indications or drug interactions could occur or are occurring and if drug toxicity levels exist. Distribution of the Med reports isperformed via Rx Managements ASP feature. For more details visit the Med Service page.

  2. Rx Management software has also been structured to meet the needs of Hospital Emergency Departments, whereby a patient's pharmacy records are accessed for their prescription drug history, which is then analyzed and an interaction report similar to above is made available to ER personnel facilitating a much faster care response. Further details available on the MedER page.

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